This cosy new hotel, located in the quiet side of the residential district of Nazareth, sports a townhouse appeal; a welcome contrast to the sterile, clinic-like accommodations in the city proper. The Caina family wanted to introduce a little excitement while at the same time keeping a family-style atmosphere. This is accomplished in the rooms by using a soft, earth-toned color scheme with modern conveniences. The hallways and stairways are also done in natural colors and are brightly lit. The lobby consists of the reception area, a dining area and a sitting area complete with large-screen television. There are many tables for the guests to enjoy a quiet breakfast in the morning with a custom-brewed cup of coffee from the Cafe Stallione restaurant/bar. Adjoining the lobby is a large function room which is available for up to 350 people at a time. Very modern and chic, this hotel certainly deserves a look for your next visit to Cagayan De Oro.



"If people are offered something that is well
made, well designed, of a decent quality and at
a price they can afford, then they will like and buy it."
- Engr. Jimmy E. Caina